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TruPresence + Salesforce

With the power of the 100% native TruPresence app for Salesforce, your enterprise can grow and expand.

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100% Native on Salesforce

Leverages Salesforce infrastructure, security model, data, apps, workflow, and other processes.

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Dynamic, Personalized Experiences

Intuitive personalization engine to deliver a single source of truth in communication.

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A rich set of APIs enable development of custom solutions, third-party integrations, and deliver digital transformation initiatives on the Salesforce platform.

Key Features

TruPresence + Salesforce

TruPresence has partnered with the world leader in enterprise technology, Salesforce, to develop unique uses cases for franchises and multi-location businesses.

  • Franchise Sales CRM
  • Franchise Community Portals
  • Store Merchandising
  • Store QA Visits
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Franchise Sales CRM

Use the worlds leading CRM, Salesforce, to power your franchise development journey. Using the TruPresence app + Salesforce Sales Cloud will allow you to expand and grow your franchise network with ease. From easy implementation, to flexible lead stages and flow, to communications and the ability to setup sophisticated screening and qualifications processes, we can work with you to adopt or expand your franchise sales program.

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Franchise Community Portals

We build powerful online portals using the Salesforce platform. We leverage years of expertise working with multi-location businesses plus our TruPresence apps that specifically enhance and extend Salesforce capabilities for franchises. We build elegant and engaging intranets for franchisees and franchise development portals.

TruPresence has developed some of the largest portals in the world. We drive higher engagement through personalized, dynamic content while staying 100% native to Salesforce, with scale to meet any organization's need.

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Store Merchandising

Multi-location merchandisers who use Salesforce can leverage the TruPresence app for store merchandizing and communications. Provide a single, unified, portal for all of your stores to use, and streamline operations by automating the merchandising process.

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Store QA Visits

Multi-location organizations who use Salesforce can leverage the TruPresence app for instore quality assurance. Using TruPresence + Salesforce can improve the efficiency of store visits while streamlining your store quality assurance process.

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Location Finder Discovers Each Location

Put every location on the map with our powerful, and flexible location finder.

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Powerful & Flexible

Put every location at your customers fingertips–whether they  have a physical location or not.

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Easily connect to your data

Easily connect to your location data for a user experience that’s always up-to-date and accurate.

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Built-in SEO

Ensure search engines can find you and every location at the top of the search results.

Key Features

Built In or Plugged In

TruPresence provides a sophisticated location finder as a part of our platform, or stand alone within any website, on any software.

Centralized Data

Always have current location data within your location finder with our API connectivity or with built-in location management capabilities.

Built for SEO

The TruPresence location finder is optimized for easy discovery by search engines, maps, and voice assistants.  

For SEO, an effective store locator should be a basic linked set of State, City, and Location pages that any bot or user can easily click around to get to every page. But many brands often build their store locators a locator page with a search box to find your location.

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