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Send the Right Message at the Right Time

Schedule a perfectly timed campaign for every segment of your contact list

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Land New Leads

Design eye-catching landing pages to stand out from the competition and drive more traffic.

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Build Franchise Loyalty

Continuously engage with your audience to build a real connection over time.

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Outshine Your Competitors

Create highly-targeted campaigns and immediately connect leads to your franchisees for a strong first impression.

Key Features

Dazzle New Prospects

Enjoy highly customizable drag-and-drop templates that allow you to conduct tests and measure results in real time.

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Engage Visitors with Targeted Content

Effortlessly segment your audiences based on user behavior. Schedule an automatic cadence of reactions based on the visitor’s web journey.

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Nurture Interest with Automated Campaigns

Reach customers the right way at the right time with the right messages. Create workflows to automate specific reactions to your end user's actions.

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Convert Visitors into Leads

Drive calls to action effortlessly. Rapidly grow your contact database and capture their interests instantaneously and alert your franchisees in real time.

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Location Finder Discovers Each Location

Put every location on the map with our powerful, and flexible location finder.

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Powerful & Flexible

Put every location at your customers fingertips–whether they  have a physical location or not.

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Easily connect to your data

Easily connect to your location data for a user experience that’s always up-to-date and accurate.

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Built-in SEO

Ensure search engines can find you and every location at the top of the search results.

Key Features

Built In or Plugged In

TruPresence provides a sophisticated location finder as a part of our platform, or stand alone within any website, on any software.

Centralized Data

Always have current location data within your location finder with our API connectivity or with built-in location management capabilities.

Built for SEO

The TruPresence location finder is optimized for easy discovery by search engines, maps, and voice assistants.  

For SEO, an effective store locator should be a basic linked set of State, City, and Location pages that any bot or user can easily click around to get to every page. But many brands often build their store locators a locator page with a search box to find your location.

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