December 11, 2017

B2C eCommerce: 3 Strategies to Consider

B2C eCommerce: 3 Strategies to Consider

While having a solid online store and shopping cart seems like the sole way of driving revenue, the landscape is always changing to accommodate an evolving buying experience. Since 2018 is rapidly approaching, we've put together three strategies that your business should look at in 2018.

1. B2C eCommerce through email

While it is important to drive traffic to your online store through email marketing, companies like Rebel are changing the landscape of how customers can interact with your emails. This includes being able to make purchases directly from their email inbox – which may prove to be an extremely vital add-on to utilize in 2018.

2. Align with other departments to unify the customer experience

Gone are the days when eCommerce was its own entity in a company. It’s important, as an online retailer, to make sure that you are capturing data and creating a unified customer experience at every point of the buyer’s journey. This may mean working closely with sales, P.R., marketing and customer service departments.

3. Continued engagement with content that becomes a trusted resource

We cannot say it enough – content is king! When a customer is researching products or your company, the amount of relevant content available to them – as well as the quality of the content – can be a valuable resource in your customers’ purchase decision. Even if it’s a simple social media presence, any content marketing strategy is better than no strategy.


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