June 19, 2018

8 Elements to Improve Your Landing Pages and Increase Conversions

8 Elements to Improve Your Landing Pages and Increase Conversions

Landing pages convey an offer and capture lead data using form submissions completed by website visitors. Converting these visitors into leads (and, ultimately, customers) depends on inclusion of several key elements. Test the eight elements below on your own landing pages and watch the volume of your leads and the effectiveness of your landing pages increase!

1. Make Your URLs SEO-Friendly

Keeping your URL simple and include a relevant keyword so your landing page can be found on search engines. Avoid using words like “and” or “the,” as they are just distractions and can be taken out of the URL altogether. Read more about how create SEO-friendly URLs here.

2. Create a Captivating Title

Your title should include the topic or keyword used in the link clicked to get to your page or offer. A title that includes relevant keywords will also boost relevancy for search engine visibility and your SERP rankings.

3. Use Unique Selling Propositions

Reinforce your offer with a paragraph explaining why the offer is special and why visitors should complete the form.

4. Include SEO-Friendly Headings

Provide additional information through your heading(s) and be consistent with your use of relevant keywords. Additionally, you can add supplementary keywords adjacent to your primary industry.

5. Utilize Striking Imagery with Video and Pictures

Website visitors are more likely to be drawn to videos and pictures than reading a text-heavy web page. Knowing this, use visuals to “put a face” to your offer and be sure to include keywords in the image’s alt text.

6. Summarize With a Bulleted List

Clearly define a few details about the benefits of your offer in a short, bulleted list that gets to the point with fewer words. Be sure to limit flowery language and jargon, as this can be a turn off for potential customers.

7. Use Forms That Are Short and Simple

Keep form fields to a minimum, and only gather the data needed to contact and qualify leads. Also be sure to include a privacy statement and how clearly define the intent/use case for the data collected. The latter is especially important if you are collecting data from subjects affected by the GDPR.

8. Create Clear CTAs

Your call-to-action (CTA) should be eye-catching and stand out from the rest of the landing page. Bright colors with text that make it clear what the visitor gets out of the form submission will lead to higher conversions and more qualified leads.

Has your business implemented any of the above elements? Do you plan to in the future? Let us know in the comments!


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